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Salero on the Beach contracted us to develop a web based solution for their event booking business.

Salero is an event venue, located on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Most of their bookings are weddings. They wanted to develop a way for brides to reserve a date, choose their menu & manage all of the details of their wedding.

We developed the application to be easy to use as most of the users will only use it once. We integrated several social media logins to authenticate, as well as a custom login system. A customized contract generator creates and emails the contract upon the user signing up and completing the minimum amount of details. The application also is fully integrated with Google Calendar – once a wedding is booked – the event and its details are added to a shared calendar for various Salero employees to view. Additionally, booked dates can be added directly into Google Calendar and the date and time will be marked unavailable in the application. The application also includes an administration area for the owners to manage every particular details about the application – from Packages details and prices to menu items. In the month that the application has been up, it has been a huge hit & the owners are averaging a contract every 2-3 days.

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