WordPress Custom Widget – HTML Title

Recently noticed that in WordPress you weren’t allowed to specify any html tags on the title in their default text widget. Read that many use a plugin for this. As I HATE using plugins, except when absolutely necessary, I wanted to find an alternative solution. Decided the easiest way would be to create my own… (read more)

Integrating JQuery AJAX in WordPress using JSON

– In this example we’ll be using a drop down menu to change content Components – #dropdownmenu – ID of select drop down – .content-section – Class of content section – do-jquery.js – JavaScript file, with JQuery code for AJAX call – Functions.php – WordPress file involved WordPress Configuration Steps Create JavaScript file & enqueue… (read more)

Leveraging TimThumb in WordPress

TimThumb by Ben Gillbanks is an image resizing script that allows your users to resize the 1 copy of their image to any size. The great part about TimThumb is that the script will “zoom crop” images, which keeps the original aspect ratio, but allowing you to display it @ any size. TimThumb came under… (read more)

Responsive web design means..

You may have heard the term Responsive web design, but what does it mean? Simply put, responsive web design means designing a website to render & display optimally on ALL devices. This typically means creating multiple layouts, to be displayed on a certain resolution. Responsive design will change the way that mobile websites are thought… (read more)

Using Gmail as your ONLY mail application

Today’s Gmail allows users to setup multiple mail accounts within a single Gmail account. This means that all of your personal, work, and other email can be sent and received using 1 Gmail login. Gmail can be the perfect all in one solution for email. Currently, each user is given over 7 GB of space,… (read more)

JQuery for Managing and Exporting Tabular Data

We stumbled upon an amazing JQuery script for managing and sorting tabular data. Found at tablesorter.com , this JQuery script cuts down on the number of database calls while improving user experience. All sorting can be done quickly and without reloading the DOM. Pared with another Export table to CSV script , this makes for a… (read more)

Simple PHP based html State drop down box

Here’s some simple code for a PHP based US State (including DC) html drop down menu. There are a lot of different ways to do this, but this is a pure PHP example The reason I’m posting this is that I’ve found myself looking for something like this a million times. The chosen State is… (read more)

Jewelry Making Professor – Web Design

The second project of the Jewelry Making Professor website was no less challenging than the first. While the first project dealt with the underlying structure and applications that power the website, this project dealt with the design and user interface. The assignment was to create a design that could work with all of the areas… (read more)

Jewelry Making Professor – X-cart Migration & Customization

The Jewelry Making Professor (JMP) project was so massive we have to break it up into to separate projects. The first project dealt with the structures and architecture of the website. JMP uses X-cart for e-commerce. When we started the project, the X-cart version was 4.2.1. We needed to migrate all of the data and… (read more)

HTML Email Newsletters

We recently completed 2 separate projects involving HTML newsletters. The first project was to design a weekly newsletter and a method of distributing it. Geoff Matheson Design did all of the newsletter design plus the basic HTML programming. The newsletter needed to be graphically appealing, so it therefore needed to be designed using HTML. Writing… (read more)